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Our Story

Redsauce is a tribute to Italian American food and heritage. In densely populated Italian American neighborhoods, restaurants like these were known as "Redsauce Joints". 

The intention of Redsauce is to pay homage to those restaurants in the best way. Our menu is a mix of traditional Italian American fare along with some more contemporary dishes. Whatever you choose, we promise it will be delicious. 

We hope that you enjoy your dining experience as passionately as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Jack grew up in the restaurant business and at the age of 15 he started working for his families business until he branched out on his own with Redsauce, an Italian American restaurant in the heart of Lake Sumter Landing. Jack is passionate about creating classic Italian dishes with the freshest ingredients for all to enjoy.

redsauce is a family owned and operated restaurant and has been serving fine Italian cuisine for 8 years. Our goal is to offer fresh, homemade food daily for the entire family in a friendly atmosphere. We are committed to bringing you the best Italian food in The Villages.


Jack also owns Glenview Country Club, where he focuses on creating the classic Country Club experience for his guests. 

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